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Why You Should Stop Boosting Your Facebook Posts

Why You Should Stop Boosting Your Facebook Posts

It’s getting harder and harder to get your content in front of your audiences. Even if they already follow/like your page, Facebook algorithms mean your posts often get lost. Boosting your Facebook post may seem like a fast and easy way to promote your content, but is a waste of your money.

Sometimes we just want it easy, but in this case, we suggest you don’t! When you spend any money on advertising you want to see results. Boosting Facebook posts may seem like its creating effect, but they do not create tangible results! 

What happens when you boost a post?

When you boost on Facebook it optimizes the post for more engagement – likes, shares, comments etc. 

This is true even if you post a link, rather than enhancing the number of link clicks, a boosted post will still optimize for engagement. Meaning you may see lots of engagement but not many clicks through to your shared link.

When it comes to targeting with a boosted Facebook post you have three options; people who like your page, people who like your page and their Facebook friends, or targeted audience of your choice. 

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Negatives of Boosting

If you don’t already have a high volume of page likes who are your target audience, you will be wasting a proportion of your money. 

Most people have hundreds of Facebook friends, making it hard for Facebook to ‘pick out’ who is the most relevant within their list. 

And while you can ‘target’ an audience, the ability to narrow target audiences down is very limited. Targeted boosted posts won’t allow you to choose on behaviours or include/exclude your current fans or custom target audiences.

Not only can’t you target down enough, but you will also find you have no real control over the placements of your boosted ads – on desktops or mobiles feeds. 

The placement of your advert matters because there are certain things that people prefer to do on desktops rather than mobile. So if your post is asking people to do an action [which they always should] you need to think about what device will get more action. 

No matter how you chose to ‘target’ on boosted Facebook posts you are bound to lose money somewhere, as they are just not specific enough. 

What you should do instead?

Just do it better! 

Simple, use Facebook Ad Manager instead.

It may take longer to get your head around and build, but you will find that you can target a more relevant audience, create a more suitable campaign objective and have more control over when your ads are seen.

Vanity metrics, as we like to call them, i.e engagement, shouldn’t be the end goal of any campaign. You want your audience to take action, true action, because while a like or comment makes us feel and think we look good it doesn’t move the needle for your business. The end goal is – getting your audience to visit your website, sign up or register [so you can market further] or buy your product/service.  

Overall while you may have to take extra steps, you will get the true value out of your money if you use Facebook Ad Manager instead of boosting your posts.

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How to use Facebook Ad Manager? 

Here are some simple steps on how to use the Facebook Ad Manager to promote your posts.

  1. Click the green ‘Create’ button in Facebook Ad Manager 
  2. Select your objective – brand awareness or engagement
  3. Reach your customer target audience by choosing your targeting parameters. 
  4. Designate a pre-existing post through the drop-down menu 
  5. Launch the campaign 

Once you have the basics of Facebook Ads Manager down you can move into other more sophisticated campaigns AND THAT is where things start to get really exciting!


Creating an advertisement on Facebook is more time consuming, but we believe it is worth it. It is more cost-effective and creates better results. 

If Facebook advertisements feel a bit scary to you, we are happy to set them up for your business.

Talk to us today to see how we can help manage your social media.


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