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The Cons of Outsourcing Your Social Media

The Cons and Not So Great Things About Outsourcing Your Businesses Social Media! 

There are both pros and cons of outsourcing your business’s social media to a social management company. 

Earlier, we discussed the benefits of outsourcing your social media to a social media management company. While it is all well and good pointing out the positives, there are some not so good aspects too.

Being in the game for a while now, we have spent some time compiling a list of the ‘not so great’ aspects of using a social media management company. 

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Because social media is about being, well, social, it is extremely important to show off the culture of your business. After all, most of the time you are not the only company in your field and you most likely have similar pricing. Showing off your company’s culture and values can go a long way. Good company culture can set your company apart from others and can even entice future employees. 

The problem with outsourcing to a social media company is they might not always get it. While we will try our best to showcase the culture and values of your company. We are not living and breathing it. 

To truly benefit from having a social media management company it is important to update them with everything. This includes the ‘minor’ details, you never know when they could turn it into something great. Plus, it’s so vital to send lots of pictures of the work you’re doing – imagery is everything. A social media management company can never really show your business culture off in the way that you could if you were an internal employee. 

Only as good as you let it:

I’m sure I can speak for every social media management company out there; when I say that your company’s social media will only be as good as you let it. Often it can be like swimming in the dark when it comes to producing content for a company that doesn’t let you into their day to day and out of the ordinary moments.

If you manage a social media page already, you would have noticed that the more personal posts get much higher engagement. Without leads to this type of content, a social media company is pretty limited to what they can post.  

Majority of the time a social media management company has little to none in-person contact with your company’s customers. Unfortunately, we can’t always encourage them to follow or leave reviews, unless we beckon for reviews online. But the best reviews come when you, the business when you ask for it in person! 

Keeping in contact on Laptop and phone

It can be a drag:

For many companies keeping yet another person/company in the know of what your next move, is just another thing on your list. Sometimes it may feel easier just to do it yourself. More emails and more back and forth can seem like an inconvenience. 

But remember, these guys are the experts and if you do truly welcome them as if they were another employee [a much cheaper one may I add], then you will see wonderful results.

Can’t be personal:

This could be the biggest con of outsourcing your social media. As I mentioned before, unless the social media management company is properly equipped and kept in the know, it can be hard for them to create personalised content and personalised interactions. 

For a social media company, we see value in the little things, like sharing the awesome or not so awesome moment in your employees’ or business week. Unfortunately, because we are not immersed in your business culture we rarely pick up on the ‘gem’ moments. Therefore we fail to share the personal and rare moments on your behalf.

Unless we are told, social media management companies don’t always know who is a close friend, family member or who is a great customer [new or old]. If they aren’t in the know, then, they can’t make personal comments on your business’s behalf. Which is unfortunate because the greatest and main part of social media is to create and maintain great customer relationships

To outsource or not?

You may have spotted a common theme throughout this, a social media management company is really only as good as you allow them to be.

In a perfect world, every company would be in charge of their own social media [yes, we did just say that]. 

While that idea is all well and good in theory, in practice, we know that most businesses don’t have the time, resources or understanding of what is needed to run a successful social media business page.

So if your business is struggling to:

  1. Post consistently
  2. Handle costs
  3. Find time
  4. Upload diverse posts
  5. Have up to date technology

It may be time to investigate outsourcing to a social media company and remember the company can exceed as much as you allow it to!

Let’s navigate that journey together – Contact Us Today!

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