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Self Isolation Sanity: The Great Lockdown of 2020

As we all move into self-isolation in New Zealand, we are asked to do something we have never done before – yes I am used to working from home, but to completely distance yourself from everyone in your world physically, now that is strange. Lots of things will be changing for many during this time, there is no school, no shopping, no social gatherings, no events. We can’t travel, we can’t even shake someone’s hand or play a game of tag at the park [try explaining that to a four-year-old]. So for me, I will be oversharing during this time as a desperate plea for social interaction. Follow along or ignore me as I endeavour to keep me, my family and Rocket Fuel Design safe. Cheers everyone as we launch into “The Great Lockdown of 2020”

Day One

The team and I had a video meeting to discuss the needs of our client’s during this time and how we could best support each of them. Plans were put in place to make contact with each business owner and discuss the next few weeks. I attended this meeting from the kitchen as my home office had been hijacked by Mr Te Whatu for his work purposes and the living room floor was “hot lava” and the couch cushions were barriers, I suspect to keep baby sisters out.

After trying unsuccessfully to put Miss Hunter to sleep, Andre and I took her for a walk to try a different approach. I took him a secret way to avoid the parks because try explaining to a four-year-old that the park is “closed” when they can clearly see that it is not. We found a few animals and hunted some Pokemon before returning home with a *still awake* baby.

Lunchtime, then a bit of time in the garden because you never know when you might need those veges that you haven’t watered in a while!

Finally got Hunter to sleep! Success, time to get some work done. Email campaigns and social media updates for some of our clients regarding their COVID-19 approaches and essential services. Managed to make contact with some businesses and plans are in place for them. Hunter’s awake so away goes the laptop – wow juggling kids and work is tough!

Hubby finished work, so off to the park for some family time!

Dinner was Pizza Hutt as we farewelled takeaways for the near future – not such a bad thing.

Put the kids to bed and then a bit of planning for tomorrow’s workload.

Day one. Check!



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  • Rosh
    March 25, 2020 ,3:19 am

    Looking forward to hearing your updates Lainey! x

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