Free Tools For Your Business

Our List Of FREE Online Tools For Your Business

There are many things we believe businesses owners should know when it comes to running a business. Often there are times in your business journey where you should pay for extra help, perhaps with your social media, but there are places where you can cut back and opt for something free or don’t go there at all.

When it comes to social media there are some great tools to help you create awesome content [without breaking the bank]. Here are some of our favs:

Content Creation:

When it comes to curating content for your social media, visuals are super important. While we as designers have access to a full design software platform—Adobe Creative Suite, these are costly and for many, not worthwhile! But the great thing is there are many awesome places to design great graphics for well, nothing!
Check out these popular platforms for your next visuals:


Instagram isn’t just a great place to share photos of yourself, food and your family. Instagram has become a universal platform that empowers companies to humanise their brand, content and products. It’s an amazing place to form connections and relationships with your consumers, this we all know sells.

Content Holders:

Save the hassle of having to post items as soon as you see them or risk forgetting about them altogether. Using content holders means you can save content on the go and look at them easily later on!

Feedly –
Pocket –

Person writing their computer


Email marketing is a great way to deliver information to your audience, while there sure is an abundance of different EDM programs you can use, our personal favourite is Mailchimp!

Find Content:

When it comes to social media finding content is KEY we have created a whole guide on how to find content from your customer reviews to Q&A’s so go check that blog out for more inspiration!


With many social media platforms being so visually based it’s important to have lots of images for you to post. But with copyright laws and professional photos being so darn expensive sometimes your next best option is to find stock images that are free.

Person holding a camera

Video Downloaders:

Videos are a great addition to your social media content, on many social media platforms, videos tend to have more engagement and views.


Music can take your videos to the next level, but not if it gets copyrighted. Instead of downloading soundtracks off YouTube, play it on the safe side and download an array of FREE music and sounds off sites like these.


Making your graphics look interesting doesn’t have to be costly, there are many websites that allow you to spice things up when it comes to fonts.


There are so many amazing FREE tools for your business out there. We hope these help you find some helpful and fun tools to use when you create your social media content and other marketing. If you have any other tools you use and want to rave about, drop a comment below, we love trying new things!

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