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Our List Of FREE Online Tools For Your Business There are many things we believe businesses owners should know when it comes to running a business. Often there are times in your business journey where you should pay for extra help, perhaps with your social media, but there are places where you can cut back and opt for something free or don't go there at all. When it comes to social media there are some great tools to help you create awesome content [without breaking the bank]. Here are some of our favs: Content Creation: When it comes to curating content for your social media, visuals are super important. While we as designers have access to a full design software platform—Adobe Creative Suite, these are costly and for many, not worthwhile! But the great thing is there are many awesome places to design great graphics for well, nothing! Check out these popular platforms for your next visuals: Canva - Befunky - Snappa - Animaker -   Instagram: Instagram isn't just a great place to share photos of yourself, food and your family. Instagram has become a universal platform that empowers companies to humanise their brand, content and products. It's an amazing place to form connections and relationships with your consumers, this we all know sells. Inshot - Kirakira+ - Boomerang - Get it from your app store Snapseed - Layout - Get it from your app store A Design Kit - LifeLapses -   Content Holders: Save the hassle of having to post items as soon as you see them or risk forgetting about them altogether. Using content holders means you can save content on the go and look at them easily later on! Feedly - Pocket - Email: Email marketing is a great way to deliver information to your audience, while there sure...

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Social Media Image Sizing Guide 2020

2020 Image Sizing Guide: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest Some might say size doesn't matter, but it totally does, especially when it comes to social media images. The size of your images on your social media can make a huge difference in the performance of your posts. Unfortunately, every social media platform; Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest is a wee bit different! Sizing images wrong is one of the many common mistakes we see businesses make all the time. If there is one thing that makes us and social media managers all over the world squirm in our seats, it's incorrectly sized images. Today we will explore the current 'correct sizes' in 2020 for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest. So here's what Rocket Fuel Design and the social media sites themselves suggest when sizing your images: Facebook: Lucky and unlucky for you, Facebook has a whole range of image sizes. Which allows for a lot of flexibility when posting in the feed, but, requires you to be a bit more precise when it comes to sizing images for your profile picture and cover photo. Profile Pictures: Your profile picture on Facebook is one the first things people will see when they search for your business on Facebook, so making sure you display it correctly is super important. According to Facebook, profile pictures are displayed at: 170 x 170 pixels on computers 128 x 128 pixels on smartphones 36 x 36 pixels on most feature phones Don't forget when your scrolling in your newsfeed your Facebook profile picture appears even smaller again. That's why we suggest that you use less text-heavy profile pictures and more image-based profile pictures! Your logo and just your logo is a great way to make sure your business looks smart and identifiable. Here at Rocket Fuel Design, we don't include the text - RFD - from our...