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8 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Social Media

Be Set Free By Outsourcing Your Social Media 

To outsource or do it yourself? We have compiled a list of 8 reasons why your business may benefit from outsourcing your social media to a social media management company.

So let’s launch into it…

Benefit One – Fresh Ideas:

Outsourcing your social media to a social media management company allows for new fresh ideas, not only for your social media – but other marketing efforts too. Being creative, coming up with new ideas is what we do on the daily, we thrive off it! And because creative marketing is all we do, it means we can fully concentrate on it. This is an unlikely situation for most small/ medium businesses, who simply can’t afford to have a sole person working on marketing. Because we are on the outside but understand your business, we can add new perspectives and ideas to your business, for free! We can help in aiding your companies offering development, as we are constantly performing social media listening, which means we can see trends before you do…

Benefit Two – Daily Surveillance:

Unlike most small to medium businesses, whose staff are assigned social media among other roles; we are constantly on social media, I mean all day. Which means we can perform social media listening, reply and react to comments and messages throughout the day on your business’s behalf. We act as if we are your full-time marketing manager (but for a fraction of the price and a lot less hassle). Being seen as active and preforming social servicing on social media can be the difference between using your company or not – 55% of customers would pay extra money to guarantee a better service (Defaqto Research).

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Benefit Three – Understand Social Media Platforms:

Just because you use social media personally (and you get loads of likes) doesn’t mean you will have a successful business page. Why? because they work differently! We live and breathe social media, some may even call us the ‘experts’. Because of this, we understand the ins and outs of different social media platforms, how they work differently and what consumers expect on these platforms. Changing different aspects of your business’s social media may take an hour of your team’s time whereas it may take us minutes!

Benefit Four – Consistency:

Life often gets away on you when you’re busy. The same happens when a companies workload is bustling, social media is often put on the back burner. I mean who cares about new leads or interacting with your past consumers when you have already got enough work on your plate? But suddenly when it slows down again, and your back on social media, you may find you lose lots of your following or interaction with your posts. Posting sporadically may lead you to fall in the ranking algorithm and your posts may be seen less by your audience. Posting too much can annoy your followers and lead them to unfollow you. That’s why consistency is key! We understand that posting consistency can be hard to keep up with when you’re a busy company and generating content can be difficult. That’s why it’s so beneficial to have a social media management company looking after your socials, their workload isn’t affected by yours and they are contracted to produce a certain amount of posts per week/day. Meaning consistency. 

Benefit Five – Focus On What Truly Matters:

Social media is not what makes your business successful (don’t let anyone tell you it will). It’s your business, culture and product/service offering that makes your business prosperous. Social media, however, is a great way to showcase and support this. Your business’s mission is to provide an exceptional product or service, this should be your main focus. Outsourcing your social media means that you can focus on the core of your business. An electrician’s area of expertise may be producing great electrical offerings, not social media, we certainly can’t go past changing a light bulb. You wouldn’t get us to change the wiring in your house, so why would you expect an electrician to be great at social media? It’s not your skill base, outsourcing means you can focus on your talents while having a presence in the digital world.  

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Benefit Six – Decreased Workload:

For many business owners marketing is extra to their everyday workload, or pawned off to the receptionist. As we said before, managing your social media is often the first thing that goes out the door when you’re busy. Having a social media company means you don’t have to add marketing on top of your long list or pass it on to an amateur. It allows for everyone to be more effective in the role they have been chosen for.

Benefit Seven – Technology:

One thing we often notice is that many businesses social media pages just lack good visuals. Visuals are such an important factor in having successful marketing –  With 90 per cent of information transmitted to the brain being visual. While some people truly lack the ‘eye’, we believe that the majority of people would pick and create better graphics if they had the opportunity to. Paying for stock image sites and creative suites are often too costly for many small to medium businesses. We have access to better technology and we know our way around them too. Benefit

Benefit Eight- More for less:

It’s a well-accepted fact that one of the most costly expenses a business has is its employees, more so if you have a high turnover. If you hire someone to do your marketing for your business, you don’t only factor their wage but also the cost of ACC, Kiwisaver, Fringe Benefit Tax, insurance, recruitment fees, as well as overheads. It is costly to have an employee, full or part time. Outsourcing takes all those costs away, you don’t have to upskill us, nurture us, buy new technology, or pay us sick leave. You simply pay a monthly sum and bypass all the extra admin, you get much more, for much less. 


Are you lacking fresh ideas, don’t have the time or the patience to do daily surveillance, are your posts irregular, have you lost track of what truly matters, are you struggling to complete all your tasks or keep up with the new technology? 

Maybe its time to consider outsourcing to a social media management company. 

Here at Rocket Fuel Design, we work with a whole range of businesses around New Zealand to help connect with their consumers online. 

Contact Us Today – let’s launch your socials!

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