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why shouls a business have an Instagram

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to be on Instagram

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to be on Instagram


Instagram isn’t just a great place to share photos of yourself, food and your family. With over 25 million business profiles in 2017, it has become a universal platform that empowers companies to humanise their brand, content and products.  It’s a great place to form connections and relationships with your consumers, this we all know sells.

We have compiled five reasons why we think having Instagram is beneficial to your business’ marketing strategy.


1. Nearly 1-Billion Monthly Active Users

While this number is behind Facebook at 1.4 billion active users, it is before other social platforms such as Twitter (68 million) and Pinterest (250 million).

Half of Instagrams monthly active users (500 million) log on daily and engage on the site.

That’s some huge numbers!

Multi-channel marketing is the way to go; the more places you can connect with your potential customers and tell a consistent story across different platforms the better!


2. More Engagement than Facebook

While Facebook may have more active users; Instagram has 23% more engagement than Facebook. Instagram audiences are more involved and enthusiastic audiences.

From their total followers, brands on Instagram frequently have engagement levels at around 4%. This may not seem an awful lot, but it puts Instagram miles ahead compared to Facebook and Twitter at 0.1%.

Engagement doesn’t always guarantee a sale; however, it does encourage a connection between your consumer and your business. Creating meaningful relationships can lead to life-long customers.


3. Over 200 Million Users Visit a Business Profile on Instagram Daily

A study by iconosquare in 2015 found that 70% of Instagramers search for a brand on Instagram, 62% of those users go on to follow the brand’s profile.  

Not only are users actively seeking out brands on Instagram, but they are also actively involved with them. 80% of users follow at least one brand if not more!

Your Instagram profile may be used to gain vital information, not just product information such as; open times, store location or seek direct communication.

If your brand is not on Instagram and your competitors are, you may be losing potential consumers, a way to be noticed and missing opportunities to engage with likely buyers.


4. It’s a Way to be Found

Not only are Instagram users actively looking for companies, but they are also discovering new products through Instagram.

60% of Instagram users in 2015 reported they discovered new products through the app. Instagram users welcome learning information about brands and their products, and they are even purchasing them through Instagram.

One-third of Instagram users have reported they have purchased a product they first found on Instagram. A recent 2018 study conducted in the US found that the higher the income a person has, the more likely they are to be Instagrams users.

This means that Instagram users not only could be more qualified buyers for your business, but they are more ready and able to spend money.

And here’s a new added bonus! Instagram will help grow your Facebook audience for you too by prompting Instagram followers to like your Facebook page as well.

Use Instagram to Grow Facebook Page Likes

5. 500 Million Users Watch Instagram Stories Daily

This number is only increasing.

With one-third of the most-watched Instagram stories coming from businesses, consumers are actively listening and engaging with brands through stories.

15-25% of Instagram story viewers click on outbound links through to website and product pages and engage directly with them.

Stories allow brands to connect with their consumers on a more personal level than ever before. They don’t have to contain the same compelling visual elements as posts, making them easier, less timely and costly to create.

We have said it before, connecting to your audience is so important, especially when 76% of customers are more inclined to purchase from brands they feel connected to over a competitor brand!


The best marketing is integrated; it is essential to make sure your business is available across all platforms and telling a consistent story throughout.

With 90% of the top 100 brands on Instagram, why aren’t you?

If our five reasons to be on Instagram got you looking for more, talk to us today to discuss how we can help you maintain a connected and profitable Instagram profile for your business.

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