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20 Logo placement ideas

20 Places to Use Your Logo

Where Should You Place Your Logo Design?

So you’ve invested in getting a logo designed to represent your business and now you want to show it off to the world, but where can you put it? When it comes to finding places to put your logo the options are endless. But some places are better than others and it truly comes down to what your business is all about.

You wouldn’t expect to see us, a creative marketing company, on a gym sweat towel. But our logo on a set of pencils, now that could work… Where you place your logo should be strategic, because it can cost a lot, and every action should be done with return on investment [ROI] in mind.

To help get you started we’ve compiled a list full of different ideas to get your creative juices flowing and get your brand seen by as many people as possible.

1. Social Media

Okay, this one may seem obvious, but, we seriously can’t tell you how many businesses we have seen failing to include their logos on their social media sites.

The places to put your logo are endless on social media from your profile picture, covers, story covers, to your posts.

But make sure you place them in the right place and at the right size for optimal views, don’t worry we already have a whole blog dedicated to it so check it out: Social Media Image Sizing Guide 2020

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2. Businesses Cards

Don’t miss the change to blast your logo on your business card. While it’s important to have your details on your business card – duh! It’s just as important to include your logo!

Why? Well because images are more memorable than words and we all have 10 million businesses cards to shift through, so much sure your card pops out at your customers with your logo.

3. Email Signature

Another important place to have your logo is on your email signature. Having your logo on your email signatures creates brand recognition in every person to whom you and your employees send emails.

Not only that, but it gives your company a sense of legitimacy and professionalism – it’s your virtual business card!

Your email signature doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just your logo will do! But if you want to fancy it up and add even more credibility, try adding an image of yourself. You can also include any promotional deals your business is offering – just make sure these are changed when the promotion is over!

And of course, don’t forget to add your businesses details; your title within the organisation, your email address, contact number, website link and social media links.

4. Company Car

Getting your car wrapped is a great way to have a mobile billboard. Downside – you have to make sure you’re on the right side of the law! We all remember the sign written car that cut us off five years ago!

Don’t want to go all the way with your car branding, perhaps you could consider a subtle approach like a bumper sticker? Even better, get more printed and hand them out to others as well!

5. Stickers

Who uses stickers these days? Well, you might be semi right, but you hurt the inner 3-year-old in us. Stickers can come in handy for so many different reasons other than just handing them out to children.

Stickers can be super helpful when you want to brand anything and everything! Got to wrap something for a client use your stickers as tape? or put them on the envelopes you send.

6. GIFs

If you have a lot of patience then you can totally attempt this one on your own and for little or no cost. Of course, you could always hire someone else to do it for you.

If your business is a regular in the digital world your own GIF could be a great way to personalise your brand, post them to Instagram stories, use them to reply to comments on Facebook! How cool and memorable would that be!

7. Promotional Merchandise

Okay, this one includes practically anything. Think, “what is relevant to my business?”

Here at Rocket Fuel Design, we love to drink coffee and a lot of it. Because we work from home when we have an in-person meeting with one of our clients we love to go out or meet at their headquarters. What a great way to advertise, care for the environment, save some money, attend to our coffee addiction and spoilt our clients by creating our very own reusable coffee cup. We got ours from Ideal Cup – our customers just love them!

Think about what your customers love to have but hate to buy. Really when it comes to merchandise you want people to generally wear or use them out and about.

8. Website

There are some many different places you can include your logo throughout your website.

  • Header
  • Footer
  • Strategically placed in your images
  • On your blog
  • As icons
  • Favicon [the little image at the start of your domain name in the web browser]

It doesn’t just have to be displayed on the left-hand side of your screen – although remember its best practise to create websites that are user friendly and expected from your users so that generally means that you should create a website that has a similar flow to your competitors.

9. Company Clothing

Again if you and your employees are out and about or meeting lots of people daily, a uniform or some sort of branding on clothes is a must.

Of course, you need practical clothing for your line of work but it doesn’t have to be boring. Take note of colours in your logo and include it in your work gear! For us, the idea of wearing polos with our logo on it is a total turn off. But instead of branding certain clothing, you could always lend towards broaches, name-tags or branded accessories. Or for a more casual look, how about a hoody?

10. Products and packages

There are some seriously fun and funky ways to display your logo and branding on your products.

If your sending packages often, don’t miss the chance to create funky packaging from the box to tissue paper find ways to include your branding! Here’s where those stickers could come in handy again!

Including your logo on your products and packages is a whole other world of design, so when it comes to package design we highly suggest you get in touch with a designer to help.

We just love interesting packaging and flyers, in fact, Lainey likes to keep a collection of some of the more memorable items to refer back to for inspiration.

A collection of printed samples for inspiration

A collection of printed samples Lainey has collected for inspiration over the years.

11. Invoices and Company Forms and Other Business Stationary

12. Cellphones

Let’s be honest when was the last time you went anywhere without your phone? Just like your car your device can also become a mobile billboard.

  • Cellphone cases/ pop it sockets
  • Background wallpapers

13. Keychains

This may or may not be at the top of my mind at the moment – just because I have a serious lack of them! But Keychains are a classic, and just like your phone, your keys pretty much follow you everywhere you go!

14. Signage and Billboards

Signage can be expensive, but with the right messaging and the right location, putting your brand on a large sign or billboard can be great for brand recognition. There are so many options these days, from digital to static to moving [think buses] but one thing remains, you need to keep your message simple as signs need to be easily read from a distance to be effective.

15. Presentations

16. Thank You Notes and Compliments Slips

Every time you leave a handwritten note for someone, you could be leaving your brand behind too.

17. Computer Desktop

Are your computers ever in the public eye? Perhaps you show things to your customers on yours, or your computers are visible in the office. Put your logo on your desktop.

18. Get a Stamp!

You could even get a stamp made of your logo so you can stamp it onto pretty much anything. This is a great way to brand things like envelopes if you don’t have the budget to get a lot printed at once.

19. Food

This is a fan favourite. Did you know you can get stamps made that can be used on food. Think branded cookies… mmm… cookies — how cool is that!

20. Brochures and Promotional Material

And no list would be complete without our marketing material. Here make sure that not only your logo is present but that the whole message is on-brand.

So go on, you’ve got the logo, now go and showcase it to the world. In relevant places of course.

Have any other ideas or suggestions we can add to the list, leave us a comment below!



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